SlingPlayer submits 3G-friendly iPhone app

Updates for SlingPlayer on iPhone on the way - with 3G support for UK users promised

SlingPlayer has recently submitted an updated version of its TV-on-the-go iPhone app to Apple, promising a raft of improved new features.

And while the company's recently-submitted version 1.1 of its iPhone player won't yet do what most users really want it to do – which is work pretty much anywhere you are on a 3G network – SlingMedia has assured us that another version of the app which WILL work on 3G outside of the US support 3G has also been submitted to Apple.

Widescreen support, improved remote control

What we can tell you is that version 1.1 of SlingPlayer for iPhone will provide true 16:9 widescreen support and that those US users on a DISH Network can now navigate using a touch-supported native browser – which will prove much quicker and easier to channel surf on the go.

We should hear more updates on both new upgrades to SlingPlayer for iPhone in the coming days, so stay tuned.

For now, check out TechRadar's hands on review of the original SlingPlayer iPhone app.

Via SlingMedia and Boy Genius Report