Remember Draw Something? Facebook Messenger's first game is very similar

Doodle Draw
Doodle Draw

Remember the Draw Something craze back in 2012? It got over 20 million downloads in the first five weeks of release and plenty of us wasted hours and hours doodling on our smartphone screens.

Facebook has now adapted a similar game and released it as the first game within the Messenger app.

It sounds like a great idea being able to play games with your mates without ever having to leave the chat, but that's not the case. It's in fact a separate app that connects up to Facebook Messenger sending them as a separate little photo with an invitation to reply.

Draw nothing

The app is called Doodle Draw and we've been playing around on it in the TechRadar office this morning, however the experience isn't great right now.

We've all suffered from different bugs; one person couldn't see what they were drawing as the lines disappeared whenever you take your finger off the virtual paper whilst another wasn't able to reply to any of the games. So it's a bit buggy right now.

You can download it from the App Store and Google Play store and then select which friends you'd like to play with. We hope Facebook will fix Draw Something's problems ASAP because we can see ourselves getting addicted to it.

It looks like a tester game for the platform as well so we're hoping to see new games pop up in the coming months, hopefully not as broken as this is.

James Peckham

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