Nokia handset roadmap leaked through remote developer tool?

Nokia handset roadmap leaked through remote developer tool?
Here's the Lumia 1001 popping up in Nokia's developer tool

The names of six as-yet-unannounced Nokia handsets have appeared within an in-house tool for app developers which allows them to remotely test software on virtual devices.

The Nokia Lumia 910, Lumia 920, Lumia 950, Lumia 1001 and the Nokia 510 and Belle 805 are now listed on the Remote Device Access (RAD) portal.

The listed handsets, which cannot be accessed through the RAD tool and appear in name only, seem to confirm Nokia's plans for forthcoming Windows Phone and Symbian devices.

It seems fair to suggest that the Lumia 1001 may be the company's flagship Windows Phone 8 product, while the 910, 920 and 950 may well be variants of the existing Lumia 900 device.

A new path to Windows Phone 8?

It's unlikely that Nokia would release further handsets that run Windows Phone 7.5 or the newer Windows Phone 7.8 software, given that there's no update path to Windows Phone 8.

So, perhaps the remaining 900 series devices would be upgraded with the hardware necessary to run Windows Phone 8 and hence saving the range from becoming obsolete?

It's also worth pointing out that just because these devices are listed within the RDA, it doesn't mean they're certain for release. Plans and names could change quickly.

Via: NokiaPowerUser

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