Japan report: DoCoMo and our 4G road to the future

The other types of data that can be shared and mapped are diverse to say the least. IYOUIT can handle photos, audio clips, book recommendations and even weather reports.

While that's all very well, the real selling point is sure to be the intelligent way the service works out some things to save users the bother. IYOUIT is capable of, for example, detecting that a particular Bluetooth keyboard is switched on and changing the user's status to 'Working'.

Or, instead of texting a bunch of friends to ask them out for a swift half, the application can ascertain who's in – for example – London and can fire off an SMS to only them, leaving Jonny No Mates in Hull without even the warm glow of an impossible invitation.

Another example Euro-Labs gives is when the software uses its location-finding ability to spot a friend on the local map. In that case, 'the proximity of a certain buddy updates your current mood to Happy'. It all sounds very Summer of Love to us.

Get triangulated

That mapping function is also likely to win friends and influence people. As well as GPS data, IYOUIT also triangulates location using mobile phone towers and can even use the pattern of Wi-Fi signals in the area to get a fix.

Luther says: "IYOUIT is related also to [Sony's] PlaceEngine, as we also scan for [wireless LANs] and associate them with location information on the go. This Wi-Fi map, stored in our database, is then later also used to improve the location information of our users while they have their GPS turned off."

As with any similarly complex piece of software, the value of IYOUIT is most easily understood by actually using the thing, and – as it's completely free and will stay that way – Euro-Labs is keen for as many people as possible to give it a spin.

Looking ahead, there is even a glimmer of hope for non-Nokia owners keen to spread a little Web 2.0 over their phones.

Euro-Labs' Dr Matthias Wagner alludes to a spot of iPhone action, and – possibly - to other platforms too, but can't commit just yet, saying only, "this is under discussion, but no definite plans exist to date."

Whether or not IYOUIT or any related services that are sure to appear realise their full potential and become popular will clearly take some time to become apparent.

Nevertheless, DoCoMo's fecund European family tree offers up plenty of food for a fertile imagination. Or, to put it another way, we dream of 4G.

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