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Intel finally giving up on MeeGo

Intel finally giving up on Meego
Bye Bye MeeGo... we hardly knew ye

Intel looks like it's sealed the fate of the MeeGo operating system it developed in association with Nokia, with reports that it's 'temporarily discontinuing development' of the OS.

According to Digitimes, a lack of enthusiasm from tablet and smartphone manufacturers means the chip company has decided to focus on Android and Windows Phone-based hardware as it looks to nab a larger piece of the colossal portable devices market.

Intel has said that it won't comment on the information from Digitimes' industry sources, and that it remains committed to MeeGo as a community-based OS - although without Nokia's backing, it's unlikely to be able to make a big success of the platform.


The message from Nokia has been mixed over the future of MeeGo - on the one hand, it's keen to keep the UI and patents it's gained from working with the OS and refuses to say that it's giving up on the platform - even going as far as stating that it will release software updates for years.

But on the other hand it's been scaling back the operation heavily and won't be making another MeeGo-based phone, even withdrawing plans to offer the MeeGo-powered N9 on sale in the UK.

So it seems the non-starting MeeGo platform is going to stay that way - if you want to bag yourself a piece of mobile phone history we suggest you head over to the continent and pick up a Nokia N9 - it's going to be a one-off by the looks of things.

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