HTC to reignite excitement with new 'hero' phone in October

HTC One M9
The One M9 is a beautiful disappointment.

As good as it is, the HTC One M9 failed to meet expectations as a follow up to the sublime HTC One M8. That unsurprisingly contributed to a disappointing financial performance from HTC, but the company has confirmed that it has another phone coming this year, one which could help raise its fortunes.

During HTC's annual general meeting, its CEO Cher Wang revealed that a 'hero' device will be launched in October in the hopes of improving the company's smartphone segment, according to the Taipei Times.

What that device might be is anyone's guess right now, though it's presumably not something that's already been announced, and given the 'hero' descriptor it's likely to be fairly high-end.

An innovative comeback

It's unlikely to be HTC's next true flagship, though that's already in the works too by the sounds of things, with Wang stating that the company will make significant improvements in innovation and design for its 2016 flagship.

In other words, expect big changes with the HTC One M10 next year and a hopefully impressive stopgap phone in October.

We may also start to see a wider range of handsets from the company, as it's reportedly set to improve its "product mix strategy" for smartphones.

Oh and if you're not a fan of HTC's bizarre Robert Downey Jr. adverts you're in luck, because Wang also revealed that his contract won't be renewed after this year.

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  • HTC's hero probably won't be an HTC Hero, but you never know.
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