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HTC One M9 Plus will reportedly feature a fingerprint scanner

HTC One Max
Is the HTC One M9 destined to get its own 'Max' version?

This shouldn't come as too big a surprise, but the rumored HTC One M9 will reportedly be accompanied by at least one variant, the alleged HTC One M9 "Plus" with a fingerprint scanner.

The reason it's not surprising is that HTC did almost the exact same thing with the HTC One M8 and the HTC One Max.

And here's something telling: prior to the Max's announcement, it too was being referred to in rumors as the HTC One M8 "Plus."

But the M9 Plus may be different in one key way: it won't be any larger than the standard One M9, according to Twitter tipster @upleaks.

Plus what

The account said in subsequent tweets that the HTC One M9 Plus also goes by the code name HTC Hima_Ultra, and that it has a fingerprint reader.

The tipster also mentions a device called the "Hima_Ace," which could be an equivalent to the HTC One E8, which in rumors was called the HTC One M8 Ace. But we don't know anything more about that.

Apparently both the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M9 Plus will arrive in March, much like the alleged HTC Desire 626 leaked by the same source.

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