Sony recalls PSP consoles in Holland

The Sony PSP is the most powerful handheld games console on the market

Sony is rumoured to have contacted retailers in the Netherlands in order to recall all PSP games consoles from the shelves there. Apparently, many PSP users have been 'flashing' their consoles in order to install custom firmware for running emulated games.

Sony's plan is to replace all current PSP stock with non-flashable units so that in future people will not be able to do that kind of thing.

The retail-recall does not affect anyone who has already purchased a PSP in Holland though.

Meanwhile, speculation is still rife that Sony is planning to launch a Sony Ericsson PSP phone at some point in the next 12 months. Patent applications seem to reveal such a device is in production.

Brand new

Sony Ericsson already have phones branded with Cyber-shot (Sony's camera brand), Walkman (portable audio brand) and Bravia (LCD TV brand).

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