Facebook Live adds a program guide with search

Facebook Live

By now you've heard of Facebook Live's new features. But if you thought that was it for Facebook video news for the week, you were wrong, my friend.

The social network announced more Live-related news on Thursday, namely tweaks to search and other ways to help users find more videos.

Now when users search for Trending topics, if there's video available, a little red "Live" icon will appear next to that topic. A quick click will take users straight to the Live video.

The same little red icon will also now appear next to topics with video available in the Trending box know that lives on the right side of your News Feed.

Facebook Live Trending topics

Facebook said users should only expect to see "a small handful" of Trending topics with Live video to begin with, but that should grow as more people start broadcasting.

What's on Live?

You know the new Live video home Facebook announced for its mobile app on Wednesday? It's getting its own dedicated search experience, too (and looking more and more like YouTube).

Videos from across Facebook will pull up when you do a search using a few keywords in the bar along the top.

You'll see videos from both public figures and friends here, though not videos from people you don't know. So, just be aware you won't see videos from regular users you aren't connected to appearing in search results, and vice versa.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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