Elop calls Nokia 'dependent' on Microsoft

Elop elaborating, says both companies have 'bet big' on each other

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has clarified a number of details surrounding last week's news that Nokia is partnering with Microsoft and producing Windows Phone handsets.

After explaining at length that the company did consider Android as an option, Elop made it quite clear that the deal with Microsoft puts them firmly against Google's OS.

"Our number one priority is to compete with Android," Elop told journalists at a press conference today.

Fighting talk

Firmly stating that both companies have taken 'big bets' on the other, Elop was keen to make it clear that the partnership is mutually beneficial.

"We are contributing the swing factor; the fact that we have created a challenger in Windows Phone opposed to Android and iOS.

"The question therefore is what is the contribution from Microsoft in the other direction?

"They too are contributing services - Bing, Xbox and so on. But they also are contributing a dependency; we are clearly dependent on WP as we go forwards, but they are placing a very significant bet on Nokia for location based services.

"The thing to recognise here overall is that Nokia has placed a very important strategic bet on Microsoft and Microsoft has placed a very important strategic bet on Nokia. And that's why we will both succeed together."