Disney to sell movies on micro SD

Disney to sell movies on micro SD cards in Japan
Disney to sell movies on micro SD cards in Japan

Panasonic is set to supply the Walt Disney Company with micro SD flash memory cards for the US entertainment company to distribute its movies on in Japan.

The deal was confirmed this week by Akira Kadota, a spokesman for Panasonic.

The Nikkei newspaper reported that Panasonic and Disney plans to sell the cards with movies that will be viewable on Japanese mobile phones and car navigation systems.

Pirates of the Caribbean

"Films on the popular solid state media format will be released into the Japanese market day and date with their DVD counterparts, beginning in November with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise," reports Home Cinema Choice.

"The venture is designed to promote movie viewing on mobile phones, sat nav systems and other devices with integrated SD card readers. However, such convenience comes at a price, with the small discs being priced at more than twice that of DVDs.

"This is not the first time SD cards have been promoted for packaged media. In the US, MP3 player maker Sansa launched a hybrid music/video format dubbed Slot Music based on the Micro SD format, but it has so far failed to gain industry traction."

Via Home Cinema Choice

Adam Hartley