Chrome finally coming to Android?

Android gets Chromed
In the future everything is Chrome

A snippet of code posted on Google's Chromium Code website reveals that Google's Chrome browser is to be ported to its Android smartphone operating system.

It may seem like an obvious move for the two Google-operated products, but they've been run as completely separate entities - until now.

The Chromium website hosts Google's open-source features for the browser, and generally everything that appears there will later be integrated into the browser itself.

The Chrome Android code currently lacks the tabbed browsing and plug-ins that adorn its desktop counterpart.

Get your WebKit off

Coincidentally, the default WebKit browser that ships with Android phones uses much of the same code as Chrome's desktop client.

The Android release will see Google taking on the likes of Firefox and Dolphin HD in the Android Market, but we could see a repeat of Chrome's steady increase in popularity on desktop PCs.

There's no word on whether or not Chrome will usurp the default WebKit browser on upcoming Android phones either, but it would make a lot of sense.

Expect to see the official announcement at Samsung Mobile's Unpacked 2011 event in San Diego on 11 October - which is where we're also expecting to see the unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest iteration of Android, and the Google Nexus Prime.

Via Android and Me