BT wants to send you a mini mast to give your signal a big boost

Could this be what the HH6 will look like?
Could this be what the HH6 will look like?

BT officially re-entered the UK mobile market after a 13-year absence yesterday with an array of offerings that's likely to pile more pressure on the two remaining network operators, O2/3 and Vodafone; EE having been formally acquired by BT.

The company got back to us after we asked a spokesperson to comment on how pivotal the forthcoming Home Hub 6 will be to BT's 4G plans and how crucial femtocells – which are widely rumoured to be integrated in HH6 – are to BT's 4G narrative.

Kelly Barlow, Director of Voice and Mobile at BT Retail, told us that they are "looking to offer our customers femtocells providing them with the best connectivity wherever they are".

Is 6 the magic number?

That's the closest we could get the company to confirm rumours that the Home Hub 6 would come with an integrated femtocell. It would not make financial sense to send two devices to customers.

"We are still committed to our inside out strategy", an allusion to BT's two year old plan to build coverage and capacity by using traditional masts (from EE) as well as its established base of customers.

She hinted at more announcements in 2015, "There will be many other exciting elements to look at as the year goes on" before adding "Our plans are progressing well and are on track".

Desire Athow
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