Barcelona bound - MWC's a go!

Barcelona bound – MWC's a go!
Thorsten says: "I can't remember my first car. I think it was a Volkswagen, but I can't remember. Weird, huh?"

You might not have noticed, but there's a pretty big event going on over in Barcelona for the next few days, and it's called Mobile World Congress 2012.

We won't go over some of the less fun names for it in the past (3GSM Congress stands out) but it's the place to be if you want to see what the 2012 is going to look like in terms of mobile phone goodness.

To that end, and given we still haven't packed or even found our passport for the event, it's going to be a short 7 Days in Mobile this week… and that's before the fact we mention we haven't bought our Nan's birthday present as yet.

What's that coming over the hill?

We've got wind of loads of devices appearing next week – not least because most of them have actually been announced and been shown off already.

We've published a run down of what's getting us all hot under the collar before next week already, but in case you were wondering and simply hate clicking links, here's what we can't wait to fondle:


Set to be a quad core masterpiece from the Taiwanese brand, we're wondering whether to riff on the X to the tune of X Men, or X Factor, as by law we're meant to have at least one rubbish pun every time we mention this phone.

LG Optimus 4X HD

The phone that's so powerful it could actually knock down a brick wall through a misplaced text: it's a phone we're anxious to get out and play with, and not least because the video makes it look awesome.

Sony Xperia P

Sure, it might be the Robin to the Sony Xperia S' Batman, but we still like a spot of Sony, even without the Ericsson these days.

We're hoping this unannounced phone lands with Ice Cream Sandwich as well, because if it doesn't, well, we're going to have to look at Gingerbread again. Nobody wants that.

Funny video? Hmmm…

This is meant to be a funny video. We have to disagree. It's sexual harassment, that's what it is…

So, party phone and tablet lovers, keep it locked onto @TR_Phones and @TR_tablets for all the fun of a Congress.

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