Android Pay isn't coming to Barclays, but this app will help


Barclays announced it wouldn't be supporting Android Pay, when it launches later this year, and customers all over the country were gutted - but the bank has now revealed another way you can make payments from your phone.

Barclays is launching a new app called Contactless Mobile that allows you to make payments from both debit and credit cards.

The bank previously rolled out a contactless app for Barclaycard customers, but this is the first time debit card holders can make use of mobile payments.

If you have the app installed and set up, you'll be allowed to make payments up to £30 without authentication and up to £100 if you enter the card's PIN on the phone.

Alternative options

You won't need to open the app or use mobile data to make the most of the service, you'll be able to just tap it on a contactless reader and make the payment.

It will be rolling out in June this year and if you're a Barclays customer you'll be notified when it's available for your account. It's going to be a staggered rollout to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You'll need to an NFC-enabled phone that's running Android 4.4 KitKat software or higher as well. You won't even need to enter your card information again if you're all set up for mobile banking.

Barclaycard's alternative contactless payment app seemed like a good idea when it was announced and it's good to see the functionality rollout to further debit card holders as well.

If you're upset about the bank's decision not to support Android Pay, hopefully the new Contactless Mobile app will make up for it and allow you to pay easily with your phone wherever you go.

James Peckham

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