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16GB Nexus 5 supplies in and out at Google Play Store

Nexus 5
Going, going, gone. And then back again.

Earlier today Google made the Nexus 5 official, and in that time the 16GB black version managed to sell out, then restock in the Google Play Store. Supplies have seemingly fluctuated since then, and at 2:30 p.m., both the black and white version of the lower-storage phone were shown to be out of stock.

A message read: "We are out of inventory. Please check back soon."

The 32GB version has held steady, showing a shipping date of November 8 for the black and white versions.

Nexus 5 mad dash

Customers seem to be taken with the new phone, though we don't know how many Google had in stock, making it impossible to tell if the roller coaster listings are the result of high demand, too few phones or a combo of both.

Running stock Android 4.4, the new phone has the freshest coat of Google's OS draped on its slender shoulders. It runs a snippy Snapdragon 800 and packs 2GB of RAM. At a $349/$399 off-contract price, the Nexus 5 looks to be hitting all the right notes with consumers.

US customers can also pre-order the handset on contract through Sprint starting tomorrow, from $149.99 and up. T-Mobile will start carrying the phone soon.