23% of people can't be happy without apps?

"All my apps and data were wiped. I feel so empty"

Back in the good ol' days, between walking a mile to school shoe-less, in the snow, you'd make your own fun with a cardboard box and a piece of string. Or so we're told.

In 2013, people seek entertainment on their phones, with 23 per cent of the people surveyed by Apigee saying they "would be unable to feel happy" without the apps on their phones. Like, at all. No laughter, warmth or contentedness without apps.

And, it gets worse.

Apps equal happiness?

If you agree with anything you see here, it's time for a camping holiday

12 per cent wouldn't be able to order dinner, 20 per cent couldn't navigate to work and 19 per cent would be unable to maintain relationships.


Who are these feeble-minded idiots? Cavemen with square-eyes, scratching about in the dirt with sticks until their phones beep at them? Waiting on a GPS unit to point them to McDonald's and then back to bed again?

For perspective, we should point out that, even though Apigee did search far and wide - surveying people in France, Germany, Spain, the UK and US - the total number of respondents totaled only 762. So, not exactly a brimming sample pool.

And, it's possible the answers to this survey were taken out of context. Maybe listing Facebook and SMS as the primary ways you communicate with loved ones translates to "destined to die alone and without ever finding love" in garbage-survey land.

It's also worth noting that Apigee is a company dedicated to selling API platforms to developers, so the more people who seem unable to live without apps, the better business will be for them.

Via Mashable