10 ways to improve Google Now

Google should tell us it knows when we are going to dinner, so we can rely on it to warn us when the time is right.

Through deeper functionality by tying in with the likes of Amazon, Ebay, or courier services, Google could let you know from the time that you receive order confirmation that it's following your package.

Google Now to Home

Google knows where you live

Surely it can't be long before a lot of parcels are being transported with emails as identifiers, so the likes of UPS and Royal Mail can email you letting you know when they have a package that is destined for you, and where it is.

The added bonus of this is that it makes Google Now's functionality a lot more transparent. In a world where privacy concerns are prevalent, knowing when Now learns something will ease many concerns.

8. Go global, properly

There could be a reason that a lot of Google Now's features haven't made it to different territories, costs and licenses being two of the biggest that we can foresee. Regardless, this is really frustrating for those left out.

Users are now very aware of what is available in other territories, and it is one of the largest causes of piracy. Why should we wait for the latest film when it is already available elsewhere?

Knowing that the US gets things like boarding pass integration, or location reminders is highly frustrating. Maybe there isn't a disaster warning system in place in the UK, as there is in the US, but it's something that could easily be implemented by Google themselves.

If Google is to beat Siri, it needs to show that it is responding to the desire for global availability. Locking features to US only, such as Google Now's voice search, leads both to frustration and use of competitors.

9. Know when I need to go to the shops

This ties in rather heavily with the point we made above. Location reminders are something that are available in the US Google Now app, but something missing outside the US.

If location services became a global feature, it could then tie in with the data that we put into apps such as Google Keep. Keep is a great way if taking small notes, and we use it a lot for taking down shopping lists.

Google Now should notice that we'd written bread and milk into Keep, or work out that because we'd called the note "Shopping List" that we need to pop to the nearest supermarket.

Couple the shopping list with location, and Google can remind us when we're near so we never have to forget again.

10. Allow others to remind us

Google Now should allow collaboration between trusted users and ourselves, in order to create a more relevant experience. The text to 'take the bins out' from the other half can now become even more contextual.

We'd suggest that this is done through the calendar, email or texts. Google Hangouts now also incorporates SMS, so why not take it from there as well?

Preset templates with customisable text fields could make things easier, but Google Now could easily see a text or email that says "Can you please take the bins out when you get home? Xx" and recognise that it should send you that reminder when you get home.