10 essential education and kids apps for the Note 8.0 and S4

The app works in three ways - as a simple storybook that you can read through by flipping the pages, an automated and fully narrated version of the tale or a combination of the two where you cant run the pages and have the book sound out each word as you tap.

The illustrations can be tapped to make the narrator say the name of a character or object and the same is true of any word in the story, which can be read aloud simply by tapping it.

GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 education and kids apps


Free – get it here

LEGO's Duplo bricks are geared towards simple fun for younger builders and this cute app takes the form of an interactive (and wordless) story in which you must help Giraffe and Rabbit to deliver a parcel to Mr Lion.

There are plenty of interactive elements to tap on screen and each stage features simple Duplo builds which work more like shape-matching puzzles than anything else. You can also unlock movies featuring the characters from the story. A great way to entertain small children.

GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 education and kids apps

The Icky Mr Fox

Free – get it here

A charming, lightly interactive storybook for young readers. The narrator reads the story of Mr Rabbit and Mr Mole trying to have a tea party while the Icky Mr Fox tries to burrow into their underground hiding place. As the story progresses your child can tap almost every object in the book to hear what it is called. There are also hidden characters to be discovered by careful tapping.

There are plenty of 'tappy-tap' moments where your child must help things along by tapping characters to make them move. A simple but fun diversion for young children.

GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 education and kids apps

Monkey Word School Adventure

£1.24 – buy it here

Monkey Word School adventure is an educational game designed to help with spelling, reading and writing with a focus on phonics. Your monkey guide will take you through minigame after minigame, all with a simian theme.

Children will need to spell words by dragging letters around, trace the outline of letters to practice writing and tap gems containing certain words or letters as they fall from the sky.

GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 education and kids apps

Color & Draw: Super Artist Ed.

£1.96 – buy it here

Colour and Draw is another app just begging to be used with the Note 8.0's S Pen, although finger painting on the S4 works just fine as well.

Children can jump straight into drawing on a blank canvas or can instead pick outlines from a library of 100+ pictures to colour in or embellish with new detail. Photos can be imported to use as image backgrounds or just be scrawled on.