10 Best BlackBerry Z10 Apps

Neatly, however, is designed specifically for BB10, incorporating such posh UI features as a pull to refresh function, themes, threaded replies and more, all wrapped up in a layout that's right at home on the stylish Z10. It's a paid app, but your 75p investment gets you a much richer experience.

TuneIn Radio

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The superb internet radio app's a must-get on BB10. It turns the phone into a miniature radio, offering access to tens of thousands of online streaming stations and podcast listings, along with location-based search results if you'd rather listen to the local traffic news from your regional station.

Radio channels that best fit your idea of what music should sound like can be added to a Favourites menu for quick access, plus there's a separate paid Pro version of the app that lets you record anything you hear to your phone's memory card.


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Best Z10 apps

Songza calls itself a "Music Concierge" service, the big idea being that it uses your location data to automatically populate a streaming music playlist with the tunes it thinks you might want to hear.

It's also part social network, with users encouraged to share tracks and playlists with others, plus it's free to download and listen to as much curated music as you like.


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One of the many life, task and note-taking apps we see around today; but this one has been designed with native BB10 support for full integration with BlackBerry's sharing tools.

Conqu's basically a posh calendar and to do list tool, letting you get seriously engrossed in creating a massive, tagged database of tasks and schedules, or simply use it as a list-making toy.

One clever touch is the way you're able to delegate tasks to others, should you have the required rank and clearance to be able to palm your jobs off on other people.

PlayCloud 10

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Best Z10 apps

A fully native BB10 file manager that goes several steps further than necessary by including support for cloud services and even FTP access for when sticking stuff on Dropbox is simply too easy a way of doing things.

The app lets you do complex file management stuff like copying and moving files between folders (complete with multi-select to ease the tedium of picking things out of lists), with social media sharing and remote printing making it easy to make your cloud objects tangible.


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One of the better mobile reading applications out there right now, ReadItNow! is also a winner on BB10 thanks to featuring a native design that matches Blackberry's current layout choices.

For your £1.50 spend you get an article reader that strips the formatting from web site pieces and chucks the newly neat and readable text out to your phone, complete with the option to have everything save locally to your device for offline reading when there's no mobile data connection.

This one uses cross-platform reading app Pocket to power its system, so you need a Pocket account and you're ready to go.