App downloads hit 1.2 billion in last week of 2011

"App downloads hit 1.2 billion in last week of 2011"
1.2 billion apps? You'll never fit them all on a 64GB iPad

2011 may be long gone but its apps live on in all our new gadgets and gizmos as a ridiculous 1.2 billion apps were downloaded in the last week of the year alone.

It's hardly surprising when you learn that the week running 25 December to 31 December also saw more iOS and Android devices activated than any week before – 6.8 million of us switched on a new device on Christmas day alone.

And each of those new tablets, smartphones and touchable iPods need a host of apps to make them worth your while, which is why app downloads jumped 60 per cent that week.


That's according to Flurry, an app analytics service that is ingrained in over 140,000 apps which allow it to detect over 90 per cent of new iOS and Android devices

As for app downloads, its analytics sit inside more than 20 per cent of applications downloaded from the App Store and Android Market, which it reckons allows it to make a reliable estimate for the total downloads.

Here in the UK, we accounted for 81 million of those downloads, while the US proved to have the biggest appetite for apps with 509 million of them making their way to shiny new devices across the country.

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From Flurry via The Next Web

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