Perfect Dark trailer at Game Show Awards shows Joanna Dark is back

Perfect Dark 2021
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Hot from The Game Awards 2020 is a new trailer from an old favorite: Perfect Dark is back, though there’s no info on when it’s coming or to which platforms. Given the franchise is still owned by Microsoft and its logos append the trailer, it’ll likely debut on Xbox Series X and Series S, at least. 

Don’t expect to get too many details from the Perfect Dark trailer itself - it’s just setting the stage for the upcoming game rather than showing off any gameplay or plot points. That said, there are plenty of hints for what’s to come: planet earth is in crisis, corporations have run amok, and Agent Dark is trying to unravel what’s really going on.

Given the beloved N64 game was a first-person shooter featuring government conspiracies, corporate espionage, and straight-up aliens, we can guess the new game - simply titled ‘Perfect Dark’ - will delve into similar territory. The trailer's footage ends with Joanna staring out at lightning crashing around the Egyptian pyramids, so something is clearly afoot.

It’s anyone’s guess how much the new Perfect Dark will follow the N64 original or the less well-received Perfect Dark Zero released later on Xbox 360; the only thing the next game’s official site has is a one-line description, which notes the game will be ‘A secret agent thriller set in a near-future world.’ Given how little we’ve seen - along with zero gameplay - we wouldn’t be surprised if the game is very early in development, but we can’t wait to hear more.

David Lumb

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