Paytm releases 'Paytm for Business' app for merchants in Tamil Nadu

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Mobile wallet company Paytm has launched a business application for merchants in Tamil Nadu — 'Paytm for Business' , which enables them to track transactions, makes instant settlements and navigate through collections. 

The 'Paytm for Business' app is made for merchants to digitise transactions and keep an instant check on them. Using the app, a merchant does not need to wait for a confirmation message. Moreover, the app gives access to details of the transactions, download daily and weekly gain access to critical information like estimated time of bank settlement. 

"Our Paytm for Business app is yet another step towards simplifying payments for the country’s vast and diverse business community. It will make managing business simpler for our partnered merchants and offer them the peace of mind," Paytm COO, Kiran Vasireddy said.

The app is available on Android Play Store for merchants who use Paytm to accept payments at their offline shops. 

"We are confident this will add to the convenience of accepting Paytm at an offline store by increasing transparency and trust among our merchants in Tamil Nadu," he added.

The mobile application supports 10 regional languages and also ensures that merchants are instantly on board without needing to pay an additional price. The app was launched on 21 January.

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