Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan on how his team built a future worth fighting for

If you could be a character in Overwatch, what would you look like? What would your move set be? Your ultimate? These are the questions that we asked to the game’s very own charismatic game director, Jeff Kaplan.

Where you see yourself on the field of battle in Overwatch says a lot about your personality. Confident people might pick a lean attack character or a tank. On the other hand, the quiet, tactful kind may lean towards a sniper or a support character.

Introducing Jeff Kaplan, the latest support character to be added to the Overwatch roster, as imagined by Jeff Kaplan. 

  • Class type: Support

"The thing that I love the most is working with other people who are extremely talented and what I would do is support and empower them. "

  • Ultimate: Empower

"It would be a lot like Ana’s Nano Boost, where it’s like 'hey, look at this person, the superstar.'"

  • Additional attribute: "I would also have a very big shield"

" I like to shield the people who I work with, the developers on my team, and protect them so that they can do their awesome things."

Editor's note: Given the already-grotesque combobulation seen above, our advanced Overwatch character creation algorithm could only fit this trait, powered by two small Reinhardt shields, onto Jeff Kaplan's knees.

  • Additional attribute: “I don’t think I’d be doing a lot of damage at all."

 For me, it’s all about shielding, protecting and empowering.

Cameron Faulkner

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