Oral-B's latest electric toothbrush has an 'AI companion' to help you brush better

Oral-B iO Series 10 and iOSense charger
(Image credit: Oral-B)

Given that the Oral-B iO Series 9 is our current pick for the best electric toothbrush on the market right now, it’s no surprise to see the tooth care giant doubling down on ensuring its next flagship device, the iO Series 10, is equally well received. 

Oral-B unveiled the iO Series 10 back at CES 2022, but the brand has used this year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress) showcase to shed more light on the wireless magnetic charger set to accompany the brush. 

Called iOSense, the device – which could moonlight as a hockey puck, by the look of it – will double as an AI companion capable of offering real-time guidance on when, where and how to brush. 

Six color-changing lights on the charger will indicate the quality of brushing across six different zones (upper right back teeth, upper front teeth etc), highlighting when you are applying too much or too little pressure to your gums. 

Digits on the side of the iOSense, meanwhile, will indicate optimum brushing time before reverting to a helpful digital clock face when you're not brushing. 

The iOSense charger will also track brushing habits and provide personalised goals to the user, sending information to the Oral-B app for a more personalized brushing experience – though, without having tested the hardware ourselves, we're not totally sure how this works just yet.

A brush for everyone

As for the actual brushes Oral-B has on the way this year, the flagship iO Series 10 will lead the line in 2022 ahead of two new entry-level brushes in the same range. The Oral-B iO Series 4 and 5 will boast the same quiet brushless motor as other cleaners in the lineup, but will lack premium features like a touchscreen display and the myriad brushing modes found elsewhere.

Oral-B has confirmed neither prices nor release dates for its new brushes, though we’re confident that both the Series 4 and 5 will be under $100, while the iO Series 10 is almost certain to exceed the $300 / £500 / AU$400 price tag of its predecessor. 

In any case, those eager to learn more can register for updates about the new brushes on the brand’s official website. We’ll hopefully have reviews of each model live on the site when they do finally release, too.

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