Oppo F3 Plus vs Vivo V5 Plus: Whats different?

Selfie cameras have come a long way since the past few years. There was a time when having a front facing camera was considered a luxury. But thanks to enthusiastic Chinese OEMs, we have now seen this technology going way beyond any of our initial expectations.

Oppo and Vivo are two such manufacturers. In 2017 alone, the companies have launched the F3 Plus and the V5 Plus with dual-cameras on the front, something that was unheard of until last year. With both handsets now available in India, it’s only fair that we compare the two to see which one stands out.


Since Oppo has the advantage of launching its handset slightly after Vivo, the manufacturer has decided to go with a larger 6-inch Full HD (1920x1080) display on board. The Vivo V5 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD (1920x1080) panel under the hood.


While both handsets are equipped with octa-core processors, the make is slightly different. The Oppo offering comes with a Snapdragon 653 chipset whereas the V5 Plus is packing the Snapdragon 625 SoC. The Oppo F3 Plus has an upper hand in this area.


This is an area where both smartphones really shine. The Oppo F3 Plus comes with 16MP + 8MP front facing cameras, while the Vivo V5 Plus is packing 20MP + 8MP cameras for selfies. Both handsets come with 16MP rear cameras, with the Oppo handset featuring a f/1.7 lens while the Vivo device comes with a f/2.0 sensor. This partially makes up for the slightly underpowered front cameras on the Oppo F3 Plus.


Oppo is the clear winner here with its 4,000mAh battery. Vivo isn't too far behind with its 3,160mAh unit, but it’s pretty evident that it will be lacking compared to its rival. Ultimately, a smartphone’s performance is heavily dependent on the kind of optimization made by the manufacturer, so the differences might not be too apparent.

Other features

There’s not much to differentiate between the two in this area, as both the Vivo V5 Plus and the Oppo F3 Plus come with 64GB of coupled with 4GB of RAM. However, Oppo is offering a microSD card slot, while customers of the V5 Plus will have to make do with the internal storage.

Pricing and availability

The Vivo V5 Plus is already available in India through e-commerce retailers for Rs 27,980. The Oppo F3 Plus is officially launching today and will be available for Rs 30,990.