OnePlus just confirmed it's working on 120Hz screen tech

The OnePlus 7T Pro (Image credit: Future)

Update: Since the below Weibo post, OnePlus took to Weibo again to share more information on the 120Hz refresh rate screens. 

Now we also know that the displays will have 240Hz input rates, so your pressing the screen will be recognized super quickly, which is great for intense gaming situations. 

The Weibo post also mentions MEMC (Motion Estimation / Motion Compensation) and JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference. The former is set to artificially upscale video that isn't 120Hz, up to 120Hz, to match the screen. The latter promises incredibly close color accuracy in the screen, so tones should be barely distinguishable from real life.

All in all, these are set to make for a fantastic display.

Original story: OnePlus has yet to reveal any specifics about its next flagship phone, but a new teaser from the company's CEO suggests it will feature 120Hz screen tech.

In a post on Chinese social networking website Weibo, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has said the company had "completed research and development" on 120Hz screen tech.

The average smartphone display has a refresh rate of 60Hz, so this technology should allow for faster image refreshes that will be useful in mobile gaming and can make actions like scrolling through your Facebook feed feel much smoother.

OnePlus has already included 90Hz screen tech on most of its phones released in 2019, so 120Hz is the next logical step and we've seen competing companies like Razer do this on phones before.

Although Lau didn't mention the company's 2020 flagship phones in the post, OnePlus is planning on hosting what it's calling a Screen Technology Communication Meeting in China to further discuss the tech.

We reported on the invite last week that was provided to Chinese media. It would be an odd move for OnePlus to so brazenly talk about the technology publicly and not use the 120Hz tech on at the least the OnePlus 8 Pro.

We're currently not expecting to see the OnePlus 8 family until May, and that's likely when we'll see all the new tech from the company officially unveiled.

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