OnePlus 9 Pro has overheating issues; fix coming soon

OnePlus 9 Pro
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OnePlus had very recently launched its much-hyped and much-awaited phone OnePlus 9 Pro in partnership with Hasselblad to improve its camera performance. However, with all the buzz and camera shenanigans aside, early adopters and a vast majority of media folks had been reporting overheating issues with the device.

Apparently, the phone gets so hot that it is rendered useless for some time even while performing mundane tasks like capturing photos or videos on the phone.

Some 9 Pro owners have reported that their phone started displaying an error message that reads “The temperature of your device is currently too high, please pause shooting [sic] for a while to bring it down,” or “Unable to take pictures as the phone’s temperature is too high,” when they tried capturing 4K videos or shot multiple photos. While a few mentioned that the problem appeared right after the first boot.

Even TechRadar’s review of the OnePlus 9 Pro points out the same and states that on “quite a few instances where the phone would randomly heat up while doing light tasks.”

Since the phone comes with super-fast wired and wireless charging speeds, the company has used improved heat-dissipation technologies, which in any case is required as the phone comes with super-fast wired and wireless charging speeds. Though in the real world, this isn’t working as well as the company had thought of.  To the Oneplus’s credit, the phone has already received a couple of software updates adding improvements, optimizations and security patches, however, the heating issue has not been fixed yet.

Here’s a quick look at what some of the users (including fellow journalists who’ve been testing the device) have got to say about the issue:

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There’s even a thread on OnePlus’s official forum where users have expressed their displeasure over the overheating issue that not only doesn’t let them use the device multiple times every day but also results in battery draining rapidly. Though in some cases, users have also hinted that their device could be overheating due to a faulty battery. Which again is a disappointment, since the phone itself is just a few days old.

In a related piece of news, some other devices powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 have also run into a similar problem. This further suggests that the issue could be somewhat related to the Chipset.

However, the good news is that OnePlus has already accepted the issue and is already working towards fixing the same. So, in case you’re a user who’s already got the OnePlus 9 Pro and are facing overheating issues, then we’d suggest waiting for a few days as a software update with a solution to this issue will be out over the next few weeks.

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