OnePlus 6 Silk White has sold out across Europe in under 24 hours

If you’re in Europe and had your eye on the OnePlus 6 in Silk White but haven’t bought it yet you’re going to have to wait, as both that and the OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones have sold out, just 24 hours after going on sale.

Although the Silk White OnePlus 6 is a limited edition shade, it’s not quite that limited, as OnePlus claims it will be back in stock on June 12, with the Bullets Wireless earphones following soon after.

And if you just can’t wait a week, most of the other models – all of which have been available for longer - are still available (though the 256GB Midnight Black shade is currently showing as out of stock on the OnePlus UK site).

A standout colour with similar specs

The Silk White model is only available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and stands out from the rest of the range thanks to its two-tone mix of a matt white back and pinkish gold frame and details.

Otherwise it’s much the same as the standard OnePlus 6, but if you absolutely have to have that colour you should put June 12 in your calendar, because it’s not clear how many more there will be or whether OnePlus will bring it back if it sells out again.

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