Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 Founder’s Edition could have dual-fan cooling and ‘breakthrough’ performance

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The Founder’s Edition of Nvidia’s incoming GeForce GTX 1180 – or possibly the GTX 2080 (various rumors point to different possible names) – will run with a hefty dual-fan cooling system, according to the latest speculation concerning the next-gen GPUs.

This comes from BenchLife, which claims that the Founder’s Edition will boast a dual-fan open-air cooling system – which is a first for Nvidia’s own cards – to give plenty of oomph when it comes to reducing the temperature the card runs at.

In other words, this could indicate that the power of the successor to the GTX 1080 requires something a little beefier to keep it tamed when running demanding games and pushing a great deal of pixels.

All of this is pure speculation at this point, of course – but it’s definitely an interesting piece of GPU gossip to bear in mind.

Breakthrough performance?

As Wccftech.com, which spotted the above rumor, notes, graphics card manufacturer Galax has also released a statement (via a company rep) to the effect that the next-gen cards from Nvidia will be a ‘breakthrough’ affair in terms of performance, again building up anticipation for these incoming GPUs.

The GPU vendor also indicated that the launch would happen by September – or at least, we’ll get to see ‘information’ on the cards, which could mean an unveiling. Although in that case, we’re hoping to see a reveal earlier than that at Gamescom, where Nvidia is planning a GeForce Gaming Celebration event with ‘spectacular surprises’ promised.

As ever, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s worth noting that previous rumors have pointed to an August 30 release (on sale) date for the GTX 1180, with other cards (GTX 1180+ – possibly a variant with more memory – and GTX 1170) to follow at the end of September, and at the end of October (GTX 1160).

That said, the latter rumored information looked somewhat shaky when it was spilled, and with August 30 less than three weeks away now, and nothing more than vague rumors floating about still, you’ve got to wonder how realistic a prospect that might be.

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