Now Google wants to help you get a job - with AI

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If you ever feel anxious before an important job interview, Google wants to help you with its new Interview Warmup tool.

Interview Warmup helps you prepare for a job interview by asking you a series of questions chosen by “industry experts” to simulate real-life scenarios. From there, an AI will comb through your responses, pointing out patterns and talking points in your response. 

The idea is you take that feedback and polish up your answers by focusing on those terms. Say, for example, Interview Warmup asks a question about a difficult time you had at work. Judging by your response, the tool may recommend that you focus on "lessons learned" from that situation and what were the "results." It aims to guide people into creating a detailed answer.

According to Google, Interview Warmup will not grade your responses, but rather be a judgment-free space to help people practice.


Google states Interview Warmup was created specifically for its Google Career Certificate program, an online learning program teaching people tech-related skills. Despite their graduates' expertise,  the company saw that people had a hard time landing a job if they didn't have someone to advocate for them or if they lacked a good way to prepare for an interview. This tool is meant to be a way to help graduates formulate good answers to interview questions.

Interview Warmup is centered around the tech industry with jobs like IT Support and Data Analytics. It’s a free tool that also covers questions outside of the Career Certificate program. We asked Google if it has plans to expand the service beyond tech and have practice scenarios for other industries like fashion, but the company hasn’t gotten back to us.

Interview Warmup is still in the early stages with Google asking users to give them feedback on how to improve it. You can try out the tool right now where you can either record your answer or type it in. Most of the jobs are tech-related but you can go for more general questions. 


 As an example, you can choose IT support as a job. You’ll answer five questions such as, “why would you be a good fit for the job” or something more technical like, “how would you prevent a security attack?” 

Once done, your answers will be analyzed according to three insight categories: job-related terms, most-used words, and talking points. The AI will highlight words and sentences that pertain to those categories. If no job-related phrases are found, Interview Warmup gives you a list of terms to help improve your answer.

If you like your answers, you can save them, or try again with either new questions or the same ones. The AI can be a little weird. A recording may come back filled with grammatical errors or omit things.

That said, Interview Warmup is an interesting tool and may help you land that coveted job. And if you are looking for a new career, TechRadar has a list of the best job sites on the internet.

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