Update: Google Nest’s old white noise sound is back

Google Nest Mini
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Update: Google's old white noise sound has made a return, with a company spokesperson telling us "There was an issue impacting our white noise experience. It’s fixed now and working as it previously did." 

When we tested out our Google Nest speaker today the white noise it played did sound a lot less muffled so it seems the issue has been resolved. The original story continues below.

Original: Google Nest’s new white noise sound has left many users annoyed and unable to fall asleep.

Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, Google decided to change the white noise sound used by its Google Nest devices – much to the chagrin of those who rely on the audio feature to relax.

While the new white noise sound loops more smoothly than before, many have noted that its shorter length and more muffled acoustics make it a significant downgrade over the original.

Google Nest Community thread dedicated to the change (first spotted by 9to5Google) already has over 170 comments from users and their children who are begging for Google to revert the sound back to what it was a few weeks ago.

If you're looking for new ways to relax, we have some tips that might help you out.

Relaxation 101

Using the Google Nest setup you already own you might first want to try one of the device's other ambient sounds. From noises that mimic rainfall to a crackling fireplace, there are a variety of options to try out.

Alternatively, you could source an MP3 file for the original white noise sound. Reddit user Ldrrp posted a Google Drive link to a one-hour and 12-hour version of the original white noise sound that you can download and use.

Last but not least, if you're tired of being impacted by the whims of Google you might want to try out a dedicated white noise machine. We've tested out a range of great devices that will provide a consistent noise that should help you nod off in no time.

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