NordVPN passes major security test

NordVPN Windows
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NordVPN has completed an application security audit conducted by the cyber-risk consulting firm VerSprite to confirm the security of its VPN clients.

The VPN provider is pleased with the results and customers can now review VerSprite's attestation letter by heading to the service's User Control Panel though more detailed reports will soon be available as well.

Digital privacy expert at NordVPN Daniel Makruson provided further insight on the results of the security audit in a press release, saying:

“During the test, VerSprite found no critical vulnerabilities. One vulnerability was given a high severity score, and the rest received a medium to low severity score. These vulnerabilities were mitigated for each platform in scope. This further proves NordVPN’s reliability and focus on user security, and addressing key security elements will help us keep the highest standards in the industry and improve even more.”

Penetration testing

In order to simulate real-world attack scenarios and threats, VerSprite uses the Pasta (Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis) method which consists of a seven-stage process for manufacturing attacks and analyzing threats to NordVPN's environment.

During the security audit, auditors from the cyber-risk consulting firm focused on breaching confidential user data, identifying high-impact vulnerabilities that could lead to IP leaks and privilege escalation.

While NordVPN has received a clean bill of health after this latest security audit from VerSprite, this isn't the first time the service has been audited by a third-party. For instance, back in 2018, the company became the first VPN provider to have its no-logs policy audited by PricewaterhouseCoopersAG from Zurich, Switzerland. The Big 4 auditing firm performed a second audit last year and once again NordVPN's no-logs policy lived up to its name.

Regardless of whether you're using NordVPN to stay safe on public Wi-Fi or while working from home, you can rest easy knowing the company places your security front and center.

Anthony Spadafora

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