Nokia 9.2 PureView tipped to get Galaxy S20 Plus and OnePlus 8 Pro rivaling feature

Nokia 9 PureView
The Nokia 9 Pureview (above) came with five rear cameras (Image credit: Future)

We're still waiting to see the arrival of the next flagship smartphone to bear the famous Nokia brand, and rumors continue to spill out on what we could expect, and what the handset may be called.

The latest leak comes via a tweet which says "also note that the flagship will include a 120Hz display" accompanied by the hashtag "#nokia9" - a nod to the potential name of the upcoming handset.

High refresh rate displays are all the rage at the moment, most recently featuring on the OnePlus 8 Pro, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Oppo Find X2 Pro.

A high refresh rate makes for smoother scrolling and fluid transitions on screen, which should make the interface feel much more polished. It can also aid gameplay and video content by smoothing graphics for a slick experience.

However, a high refresh rate display can also be power hungry, so if this Nokia 9.2 leak is accurate, HMD Global - the Finnish firm behind Nokia phones these days - will need to ensure it's worked hard on optimizing the handset to make it as efficient as possible.

Nokia 9.2, Nokia 9.3 or Nokia 10?

There remains confusion over the name of the next Nokia flagship though. HMD launched the Nokia 9 PureView in 2019, so a natural progression from this name would be to call the next iteration the Nokia 9.2 - as per the firm's current naming format.

However, we've seen rumors suggesting the next flagship may be called the Nokia 10, while the same Twitter leaker has used the Nokia 9.2 and Nokia 9.3 PureView names in previous tweets, including a recent one claiming the handset will feature OIS (optical image stabilization) on one of its rear cameras.

OIS reduces camera shake, for clearer photos and videos, while also providing assistance for low-light photography - so it would be a useful inclusion on the new Nokia flagship.

It's worth taking this information with a pinch of salt, as it's unclear where the leaker acquired the information. They have previously had mixed success with Nokia phone leaks. 

At the end of 2019 the account revealed HMD was working on a 5G phone which was set to be called the Nokia 8 or Nokia 8.2 5G - it ended up being the Nokia 8.3 5G.

Via Android Authority

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