Nokia 9 announcement teased for August 21

We’ve already seen one Nokia flagship this year, in the form of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, but that used an old chipset, and the phone we really want is the Nokia 9. Well, the wait for that might almost be over, as Nokia Mobile itself has teased that a new phone is coming on Tuesday, August 21 – and it sounds a lot like a flagship.

In a Tweet, Nokia Mobile posted an image showing a silhouette of a handset along with the text ‘get ready to unveil the most awaited phone’, while text accompanying the image stated the announcement would be happening on Tuesday.

The teaser text and image don’t provide any other details, but we can’t think of any other Nokia-branded phone that’s as highly anticipated as the Nokia 9, so that seems the obvious candidate.

All quiet on the Nokia front

The only thing that makes us think it might not be the Nokia 9 is that news of the phone has been quiet lately, which is odd, since flagships are normally extensively leaked ahead of launch.

Still, there have been some rumors, so if this is the Nokia 9 then we have an idea of what to expect. Apparently it could have a 5.7-inch curved screen, a metal body, water resistance, dual-lens cameras on both the front and back, a Snapdragon 845 chipset, and a 3,800mAh battery.

If those specs are accurate then the Nokia 9 could be the phone we were hoping the Nokia 8 Sirocco would be – so put Tuesday 21 in your diary if you’re after a genuine Nokia flagship.

Via PhoneArena

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