Nintendo Switch's long-awaited Metroid Prime Trilogy re-release rumored for June

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Despite now being over three years old, the Nintendo Switch still hasn't got a new Metroid game, with the franchise currently only represented by Nintendo Switch Online versions of the classics Metroid and Super Metroid. Could three more classic Metroid games be joining their ranks?

That's the word from persistent rumors suggesting that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch.

First releasing on the Nintendo GameCube, followed up by a motion-controlled Wii remastered trilogy package, VG247 has spotted a Swedish listing for a Switch port of the trilogy, with a tentative release date of June 19 stated. The listing has since been removed.

Metroid mania

It's just the latest in a series of retailer leaks pointing to a port of the Wii version of the trilogy headed to Switch, and given Nintendo's recent moves, it seems more legitimate than ever before.

This month also saw Nintendo make a surprise drop of a new Paper Mario game, revealing it mere months before its release date. With E3 2020 cancelled, and with it a rumored Nintendo Direct, it's possible that Nintendo is now planning to make more surprise game drop announcements, the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch potentially being one of them.

With the long-awaited, much-troubled Metroid Prime 4 seemingly no closer to completion, releasing the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch would go some way to calming fans still waiting for a true sequel.

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