Porsche's e-bikes are super stylish and exceedingly expensive

Porsche eBike Cross
Porsche eBike Cross (Image credit: Porsche)

Porsche has launched a pair of new electric bikes with impressive specs and eye-watering price tags to match.

The eBike Sport and Cross were released alongside the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, with looks inspired by the car's aerodynamics. The Sport is a road bike priced at £9,600 (about $13,000 / AU$17,000), while the multi-terrain Cross is available for £7,650 (about $10,000 / AU$14,000).

For comparison, the Ribble Hybrid AL e, which currently sits at the top of our roundup of the best electric bikes, will set you back a relatively modest £2,000 (about $2,800 / AU$3,600).

Style and substance

You're not just paying for the badge, though; both these bikes have impressive specifications and design pedigree.

Some e-bikes with famous names attached are actually manufactured by a different company (it's perhaps no surprise that game developer Elite Systems had little to do with actually manufacturing its Paperboy-branded bike, for example). However, Porsche's own design studio worked directly on the Cross and Sport.

eBike Sport

Porsche eBike Sport (Image credit: Porsche)

Despite its price tag, the eBike Sport is built for everyday city riding, with a top speed of 15.5mph, making it road-legal in most European countries. Its minimalist carbon frame features integrated cable routing and lights, plus extra-large disc brakes for fast stopping.

The eBike Cross (built in collaboration with German e-bike manufacturer Rotwild) keeps the carbon, but with a more rugged design to withstand off-road knocks. Its saddle and handlebar height can be easily adjusted to suit different terrains, and its front suspension fork smooths out your ride.

If your budget won't stretch that far, the Serial One lineup from Harley Davidson also gives you premium engineering, for a much more reasonable price.

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