New Microsoft Edge feature solves one of the most common file-sharing frustrations

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft is readying an upgrade for its Edge web browser that should solve a common frustration for users.

Included in the latest early-access build - available to members of the Canary Channel - is a new feature called Drop, which gives Microsoft Edge users an easy way to transfer notes, links and other assets between their devices.

As reported by Neowin, the Drop feature sits in a collapsible window on the right hand side of the screen and looks much like a chat interface. By dragging content into the window, users can set it aside for easy access on another device, provided both are registered to the same Microsoft account.

File-sharing in Microsoft Edge

The transition to hybrid working has meant that many of us are using multiple devices for work, from business computers and smartphones to laptops and tablets. A common frustration for employees in this scenario is the need to ensure files and other assets are available at all times, across all devices.

Although cloud storage and file transfer services like OneDrive and Dropbox go some way to relieving these issues, there is still a gap for a simple tool for sharing the odd image or link, without having to faff with uploading and syncing them across services.

Until now, people have had to resort to sending themselves private messages over email or collaboration platforms like Slack, but by building the same functionality into the browser itself, Microsoft is providing a more sensible way to achieve the same objective.

As ever, all good things come at a cost; the new Drop feature won’t provide unlimited file transfers, but rather count towards the user's OneDrive cloud storage capacity, which will vary depending on their subscription plan.

Although the feature is not yet available to regular users, barring any disasters in testing, we expect Drop to land with a public Edge build in the coming months.

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