New MacBook Air 15-inch looks more likely than ever - but you may have to wait

Apple Store with MacBook Display
(Image credit: Art-Dolgov via ShutterStock)

Display analyst and reputable leaker Ross Young recently shared a tweet with his subscribers noting that panel production on the bigger 15-inch MacBook Air started in February and increased in March, with a further ramp-up expected in April.

Young said in the subscriber-only tweet that while he is unsure of the ‘precise launch timing’, he assumes it could happen either late April or early May.

However, it seems like even that guesstimation may be a little too early, as we’re not likely to see the new 15-inch MacBook Air soon since Apple apparently isn’t holding a Spring event - and it seems even more unlikely that Apple would simply drop the new product in a press release.

We may see the new MacBook at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) however, which would align with the current production timeline according to Young. The event is now less than two months away and it would make the most sense for any new products to make an appearance there, which would allow Apple time to launch the MacBook properly later in June.

We’re expecting to see a few other interesting products from Apple, like the heavily rumored mixed reality headset and the anticipated new Mac Pro, which will be powered by Apple silicon. There are also operating system updates to expect which will likely arrive on consumers’ devices shortly after the June event, and probably a few more things that have been kept secret.

So, with all this and more to look forward to, it definitely seems like we won’t see that new MacBook 15-inch until WWDC rolls around. It will feature the new M2 pro chip and join the legions of products running on Apple Silicon.

Muskaan Saxena
Computing Staff Writer

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