New iPad Air 4 release date has been confirmed, and it's coming next week

iPad Air 4
iPad Air 4 (Image credit: Apple)

When Apple unveiled its powerful new iPad Air 4 at its September product event we weren't actually given a release date, beyond a vague 'October' hint. That's quite unlike Apple, which tends to release products a week after unveiling them, but don't fret - the company has finally announced when we'll see the new tablet.

At the same time as putting iPhone 12 pre-orders live, the company also allowed you to pre-order the iPad Air 4. It'll then be out on general sale on October 23. It took the company a whole month to reveal the release date.

We already knew the price of the tablet, starting at $599 / £579 / AU$899, and it's between that of the iPad Pro 2020 and entry-level iPad 10.2 2020, so great for people who want a premium tablet but find the Pro a bit too pricey.

The iPhone 12 may be the biggest tech product of this week with four new phones for Apple fans to choose from, but the iPad Air 4 may end up being the most disruptive gadget.

Good mid-ranged tablets are currently few and far between, and the iPad Air 4 might be the first slate from Apple that successfully fits in this niche, of products with top-end features yet a few corners cut.

That release date is near, and we'll make sure to test out the new tablet as soon as possible to see if it's really all that.

Tom Bedford

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