New Frasier series will revive classic 90s sitcom for Netflix rival

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Frasier, the much-loved 90s comedy sitcom, is set to return to our screens for a batch of all-new episodes.

One of the most successful comedies of all time, the new series is being picked up by new streaming service Paramount Plus, and will see star Kelsey Grammar return for the title role of the touchy psychiatrist with his own radio show.

It'll be the first time new episodes of Frasier have aired in close to 20 years, with the original 11 seasons airing between 1993 and 2004, picking up 37 Emmy Awards along the way.

Grammer has reportedly been pitching a reboot since 2018. 

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A comedy classic

So what can we expect from the latest series? The show began life as a spin off from another TV hit, Cheers, in which Dr Frasier Crane also appeared. The solo Frasier show initially saw Frasier returning to his home of Seattle to care for his ageing grumpy father.

However, John Mahoney, who played Crane Snr, passed away in 2018, making it likely that this revival will touch upon Frasier's life after his father's passing, and his own march towards older age.

Though Kelsey Grammar is confirmed to return, there's no word yet on whether his brother Niles, as originally played by David Hyde Pierce, housekeeper Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves), or Frasier's radio show producer Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin) will be back for the new series.

Owned by mega media conglomerate CBS Studios, Paramount Plus (a reworking of the previous CBS All Access video platform) is the latest streaming service banking on the nostalgia factor to bring in viewers in an increasingly-crowded streaming market. It's also set to bring back another 1990s sitcom, Sex and the City, after the streaming service launches in the US on March 4. It's not yet known when the new episodes of Frasier will air.  

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