New file sharing site Smash has no ads, no file size limits, and a creative twist


File sharing can be a dull business – particularly if you're using a free service that's packed with ads. Smash takes a different approach. A new file transfer service designed with artists, designers and tech enthusiasts at heart, it has no file size limits and replaces ugly ads with fun creative projects.

There's no need to create an account – just drag and drop your files to get started. You can then create a unique download page with a custom background image and title, and select a creative project to display while the files download.

Free users can pick from a selection of projects from a list curated by Smash, while premium account holders can add their own videos from YouTube or Vimeo (plus a custom logo).

You can send files via a web link (with a custom URL in the format, by email, or through Slack.

Safe and secure

Smash uses Amazon Web Services to provide secure cloud storage, and links expire after a set period of time (up to seven days in the free plan), eliminating the problem of sensitive data hanging around in the recipient's inbox indefinitely.

You can also remove file previews if you're sending something confidential, and use a password to secure your links (check out the full privacy policy). 

Premium accounts start at US$5 (about £4, AU$7) per month, and offer the ability to display your own projects during downloads, links that remain live for up to a year, priority transfers for files over 2GB, file transfer history, and reporting.

Cat Ellis

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