Netflix flick Extraction to get a sequel - Joe Russo to script

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The Chris Hemsworth action thriller Extraction continues to be a hot favourite with Netflix watchers in India, thanks to the presence of Indian actors and characters in the Netflix exclusive movie. Such has been its success that writer Joe Russo has already signed up to pen another instalment of the movie. 

Russo, who runs AGBO with his brother Anthony, said they are putting the story together and are hopeful at this point that Sam Hargrave would be back as director and Chris Hemsworth would reprise the role of mercenary Tyler Rake. However, these decisions would be taken only after the script is completed. 

The movie, which premiered on April 24 on Netflix had viewers glued to their screens during the opening weekend with many expecting a sequel as the first instalment had an open ending that could allow Rake to return. Given that several of the characters had past stories, there is even a possibility that Russo could come up with a prequel. 

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Russo revealed the details to Deadline and said he hoped that "a muscular action director like Sam" would be back at the helm of the next edition as well. However, he is not sure about Hemsworth, given that even the storyline is not yet ready. Once we write the story and the script is when we bring him in, Russo said. 

Given the fact that Hemsworth has been tweeting enthusiastically about Extraction and its growing fan base on Netflix, it doesn't look as though the writers or the director would need to hard-sell the idea of a sequel to the actor. The actor tweeted that the movie would be streaming to a record 90 million households over the next four weeks. 

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The Sam Hargrave, Russo Brothers and Hemsworth team had earlier worked together on Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame. The second title had become the biggest box office grosser of all time with a combined earning of $2.79 billion. 

In case, Extraction goes on to attract more than 90 million views over the next four weeks, it would surpass the Mark Wahlberg action comedy Spenser Confidential (85 million) and the Ryan Reynolds action movie 6 Underground (83 million). These numbers are based on Netflix's methodology of counting a view when the movie plays for just two minutes. 

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The Russo brothers believe that the massive numbers garnered by Extraction was also due to their decision to shoot in India, which they first visited during media tours for their Avenger movies. The idea of Extraction germinated 12 years ago and the intention was to shoot in South America, Joe Russo said. 

However, the decision to pack the movie with Indian names and shoot a substantial portion in India and in neighbouring Bangladesh appears to have considerably added to the movie's fortunes. 

And Indian audiences seem to have loved Tyler Rake enough for the Russo brothers to create another adventure in the near future. 

via Deadline

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