MyZone MZ-60 rewards you for trying your best, not winning

MyZone’s MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt takes an unusual approach to fitness monitoring, as it tracks your effort as well as the likes of heart rate and calorie burn. 

That’s been around for a while, but now it’s being joined by the MyZone MZ-60, a watch which collects all that data in real-time, so you can see it at a glance while you’re working out.

It’s not an activity tracker as such, since the MZ-3 is still doing the tracking, the MZ-60 just allows you to see the results without pulling out your phone, making the whole thing far more convenient.

The most interesting metric you’ll be getting on the watch face is MEPs (MyZone Effort Points), which can be earned from almost any exercise, including obvious things like weight lifting and jogging, and more unusual things like ice skating and horse riding.

Rewarding effort, not achievement

These points, along with a color rating, are how MyZone rewards your effort, a metric which it estimates based on your heart rate. It's a system that means you can feel rewarded even if you're not doing well, just as long as you're trying your best.

Supposedly the MyZone MZ-60 offers ‘frictionless pairing’ using your MyZone belt ID, and it’s water resistant, so you can wear it during all the same workouts as the MZ-3.

As well as grabbing data from the belt the MZ-60 also features a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and interval timer, shows the time and date, and comes in two sizes, both costing £99.99 (around $130/AU$165). Or you can get it in a bundle with the MZ-3 for £179.99 (roughly $235/AU$300).

James Rogerson

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