Mozilla partners with Ubisoft to release future versions of Firefox faster

Mozilla's Berlin office
Image credit: Mozilla (Image credit: Mozilla)

Mozilla has teamed up with Ubisoft to release future versions of Firefox more quickly. The browser developer is using Clever-Commit, an AI coding assistant developed by Ubisoft La Forge to make writing code faster and more efficient.

Firefox is destined for some major updates over the coming months, with Project Fission promising a total overhaul of the browser for improved security and new features for the mobile version being tested in the new Reference Browser for Android.

The addition of Clever Commit means these updates should arrive sooner, with minimal time spent fixing bugs.

Smart bug squising

Clever-Commit helps developers see whether an edit will introduce a new bug based on previous programming mistakes. That could be a huge help for Mozilla, as it releases a new version of Firefox every six to eight weeks, each of which contains an average of 8,000 software edits.

"Thanks to Clever-Commit, Firefox users will get to use even more stable versions of Firefox and have even better browsing experiences," Mozilla said in a blog post

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