Move over, Pokemon Go: The Walking Dead just got its own AR mobile game

Remember Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile sensation that defined summer 2016? Well, get ready for an AR game of a completely different variety to become your next obsession. 

AMC and developer Next Game have announced The Walking Dead: Our World, a location-based augmented reality title for iOS and Android. 

A trailer reveals Our World more or less involves fighting off walkers, a.k.a. zombies, in real-world settings. Your objective, according to TechCrunch, is to rescue survivors from The Walking Dead. It appears you can also utilize their signature weaponry, like a katana, to bring the zombies to their fate.

Just like Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead: Our World imposes digital images onto the real world. It's definitely a more grown-up game than Pokemon Go, however, with blood, guns and general mayhem galore. 

Though Next Game didn't explicitly say so, The Walking Dead: Our World looks to use the Apple ARKit tech coming in iOS 11 and the just-announced Google ARCore

These are frameworks that allow developers to create AR apps without requiring additional hardware from users. Both ARKit and ARCore will deliver augmented reality directly to millions of iPhones and Android phones when the software becomes available. 

As TechCrunch describes, Our World has a bit of fun baked in, such as letting you take a selfie with The Walking Dead character Michonne. Why not stop for a selfie in the middle of chopping down zombies?

The Walking Dead: Our World is "coming soon." With the iOS 11 release scheduled for the fall (likely when the iPhone 8 goes on sale) and ARCore just now making it to developers, we probably don't have too long to wait before we're slaying walkers on the regular.  

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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