Morrisons: online delivery slots, opening hours, and how to get a Morrisons food box

Morrisons food delivery
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Morrisons online was hit hard by the surge in demand for online food delivery orders when lockdown began. It seems like Morrisons is only just recovering from such a stark increase in demand as we move through a second lockdown.

Morrisons is only showing availability over the next three days and there is currently nothing going for these days. If you're able to, you will be better off heading into your nearby store or looking for an alternative shop delivery here.

Bear in mind, this is only the case for a full home grocery delivery and it is important to know that Morrisons is still offering its food boxes, which have a lot more availability and were a huge help during the first lockdown.

if you can't find a free delivery slot or need to self-isolate, it's possible to order a £30 Morrisons food box of essential items that will be delivered to your door. There's a large range available, with Morrisons now offering specific boxes for events and dietary restrictions. If you order one by 3 pm, you can get next day delivery on everyday boxes.

In some UK areas, it's also possible to order Morrisons products through Amazon Prime Now (if you don't have a Prime membership, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime, and cancel before the trial ends with no strings attached). Morrisons products can also be ordered from the Deliveroo app in certain areas, but there is a minimum order value of £15 and two limit maximum of each item in place.

As it stands, Morrisons doesn't offer a click and collect services through its website.

In general, if you need to order food from Morrisons online, the best advice is to check back each day for new grocery delivery slots. And if you can, it's better to visit a physical store during Morrison's opening hours, which will remain open during the second lockdown.

Morrisons Covid-19 safety measures

The guidelines in place from the first lockdown will remain similar here. This means you must maintain social distance while in-store and wear a mask at all times.

While the official Morrisons website doesn't mention anything about wearing a mask or maintaining a social distance while in-store, this is the best way for you to shop if you're coming into the store.

Considering how this is the second coronavirus lockdown in the UK, we are expecting matters to go much smoother this time. To this end, we aren't expecting to see long lines of people unable to get into stores, but this will, of course, vary based on where you live.

As it stands, Morrisons is showing zero availability for home deliveries for the next three days, so your best bet is to head in to your nearest store.

Morrisons opening hours

Morrisons' opening hours are 7 am-10 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 10 am-4 pm on Sundays. 

Morrisons is also keeping its NHS hour at all its stores. At the beginning of every day, Monday to Saturday, from 6-7 am, and at 9 am on Sunday, a Morrisons colleague will meet NHS staff at a clearly marked staff entrance to welcome workers with an NHS badge.

NHS staff will also receive a 10 per cent discount at the tills as a thank you from Morrisons for doing outstanding work during the pandemic. Farmers are also receiving a 5 per cent discount to thank them for feeding the nation. Farmers will receive a discount card in the post giving them a 5 per cent discount on Morrisons shopping which will last until July 12 and then will be reviewed.

The rules from the first lockdown still apply in all Morrisons shops, and you must wear a mask while you're in-store if you are able to do so. Like other supermarkets, Morrisons upped the contactless card limit from £30 to £45 in all stores and this is still the case.

To stay up to date with your local Morrisons’ opening times, you can check Morrisons Store Finder page for more information.


Morrisons food delivery:  no slots available for the next three days

Morrisons has slowly been opening more as we move through November, generally showing decent availability apart from now. The next three days, however, are showing to be completely booked up everywhere. Buy Morrisons shopping online.

Morrisons essential food box:  prices start from £30

Morrisons essential food box: prices start from £30

If you're stuck at home at the moment, you can order an essential Morrisons food box, starting from £30, which will be delivered straight to your door. These food boxes have much more availability than normal shopping delivery, so it could be a good option every now and then Browse food boxes at Morrisons

Image Register for coronavirus support if you’re vulnerable
If you're an elderly or vulnerable customer, make sure you're registered on the list of clinically extremely vulnerable people. Many supermarkets are using this register to prioritise its home delivery slots - so if you're eligible, you want to be on it. You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

How to get a Morrisons delivery slot 

First of all, make sure you've made an account with Morrisons by heading here.

Though Morrisons has continued to expand its grocery delivery service and improve its online capacity, delivery slots aren't available at the moment. Checking day-to-day is the best practice to follow.

Delivery from Morrisons has been rare throughout lockdown and it seems to be getting worse as we approach December. We've seen fewer deliveries available more and more this week and now there's nothing for the next three days.

However, Morrisons' food boxes, which contain a range of groceries and household essentials, as well as bundles designed around dietary restrictions or events, are in healthy supply and available for delivery in all areas we checked.

The food boxes are delivered by DPD, and are a great alternative if you don’t mind Morrisons own-brand food and want to stock up fast.

Like most retailers, Morrisons offers contactless delivery. Delivery drivers can no longer enter your home or hand over shopping bags on your doorsteps, and customers are advised to mention whether they are self-isolating in the delivery instructions of online order.

Once again, you should know that Morrisons isn't offering a click and collect service.

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