Nokia Tube to be released on 8 October

The Nokia Tube...out soon?
The Nokia Tube...out soon?

An 'informed source' has set the internet rumour mills grinding into overdrive after information has emerged stating the Nokia tube will be released on 8 October.

Now, this would have to be one of the quickest turnarounds of a product from a mobile phone manufacturer ever, and especially bizarre in the case of Nokia, which traditionally allows around three months between announcement and shipping.

But with secrecy over new products reaching fever pitch in modern times, companies have started to shorten the time between announcement and release.

Dark appearance

And it's not like the Tube hasn't had a marketing push... its appearance in The Dark Knight film, coupled with around a billion rumour articles (and yes, we're aware this is one of them too) has meant the public has a good a idea about the device and what it will do.

However, the latest info from JustAMP Blog is that this will run the S60 5th Edition platform, and don't forget... it will be named the Nokia XpressMusic 5800. Yes, we're still really, really upset about the stupidity of the name too.