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80% of mobile users want more control

Users want more control over their mobiles
Users want more control over their mobiles

It might not be the most scintillating or earth shattering of news, but apparently 80 per cent of mobile phone users want more personalisation on their handsets.

We're not talking ringtones and the like here; we mean more control over their applications, meaning operators and service providers are missing out on revenue, according to Mformation.

With the launch of open-source operating systems, this vision could soon become a reality, as the survey found that two thirds of the 4,000 surveyed would pay a premium to feel more in tune with their handset if they could pick and choose applications.

More choice

"Consumers want to use more applications and services, but these need to be tailored to the needs of each user. They want a more personalised mobile experience," said Matthew Bancroft, Vice President of Mformation.

"Operators could achieve this by allowing a pick-and-mix approach to applications and services. Our research indicates that consumers want to be able to choose from a range of applications and services and then tailor them to their needs when buying a new phone.

"As they use the phone, they want similar flexibility to personalise and add new services."

The survey also found that a number of respondents didn't know about the higher-powered functions their handset was capable of (email – 57 per cent, Internet – 49 per cent, picture messaging – 54 per cent), so Apple might have got it one-thirds right on the iPhone 3G.