The best accessories for your new tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the latest flagship tablet from the Korean tech giant and comes in two sizes, 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Slim Cover

£24.99 (around $39, AU$48)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Slim Cover

Protect your Galaxy Tab S

This slim cover will keep your Galaxy Tab S protected while keeping the tablet thin and light. Don't let the slimline cover fool you, this is still a tough cover that can protect the Tab S from knocks and bumps.

Samsung Tab S 10-inch Keyboard

£104.99 (around $165, AU$200)

Samsung Tab S 10-inch Keyboard

Add a keyboard to your Galaxy Tab S

Turn your Galaxy Tab S into a productive laptop-like device with this slim and wireless keyboard that makes working on your tablet comfortable and easy.

It's thin enough to easily carry around with you, and a large rechargeable battery means you can type away without worrying about finding a place to charge.

Samsung S Action Mouse

£39.99 (around $63, AU$77)

Samsung S Action Mouse (Bluetooth)

This special mouse lets you multi task with ease

Make working on your Galaxy Tab S and multitasking apps easier than ever with this Bluetooth mouse. The Action mouse has a special Recent App and Multi Window Mode that's been specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

With just a quick press of the S Action Button you can bring up recent apps and quickly view any open windows in a matter of seconds.

Exogear ExoMount Tablet S Car Holder

£29.99 ($46.99, around AU$57)

Exogear ExoMount Tablet S Car Holder

Turn your tablet into an in-car entertainment system

Turn your Galaxy Tab S into a handy sat nav device or in-car entertainment system for your passengers with this mount that safely secures your tablet onto the dashboard of your car.

It can hold the Galaxy S Tab in landscape and portrait positions without blocking the driver's view of the road, and offers you quick and easy access to all the ports and buttons you need.

OtterBox Utility Series Latch II

£39.99 (around $62, AU$77)

OtterBox Utility Series Latch II for 10 Inch Tablets

Get active with the OtterBox case

If you live an extreme lifestyle it doesn't mean you have to leave your tablet behind. OtterBox is well known for creating extremely durable tablet cases, and the Utility Series Latch II is no exception.

It not only protects the Samsung Galaxy Tab S from the elements, but it comes with a secure padded hand strap that gives you a vice like grip on your tablet. Pouches are included to store your other accessories, and it can also be used as a stand for viewing the tablet in landscape and portrait modes.

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